That’s my dad on the front cover of this book. He took 600 pictures during his time in World War Two in the South Pacific. Using his photos and daily journal, I traced his steps from home to war and back on a monthly basis. You can be a virtual eyewitness of this country boy’s adventures during his three years of service in Australia, New Guinea, Biak, and the Philippine Islands.

“This book will help many to appreciate a little more the sacrifices that were made and the forfeiture of youth given up by so many to preserve the freedom we have today.”

Ray BowdenDorset, England

“The ‘Elsewhere in the War’ sections describe daily the locations of all the battles throughout the world and give the reader a chance to experience the immense size, destruction, and loss of life.”

Constance Monies GremillionAuthor

“I’ve never seen a book that covers so much of the war in a pictorial form. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in seeing WWII from a different view.”

Hugh GlantzbergPresident of the 461st Bombardment Group Association (H)
Dad's War Photos: Adventures in the South Pacific