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B-25 Mitchell Bomber in World War 2

B-25 Mitchell Bomber The North American B-25 Mitchell Bomber played a significant role during World War Two. It was a twin-engine medium attack bomber. It was one of America’s most famous airplanes of World War Two. The B-25 Mitchell bomber was the type used by Gen. Jimmy Doolittle for the Tokyo Raid on April 18, […]

Photos of B-17 Bombers

Photos of B-17 Bombers My father took two photos of Boeing B-17 bombers while in the South Pacific area of New Guinea during World War Two. This B-17 shown below was being examined by several men. This was one of dozens of pictures of bombers, fighters, and assorted WWII planes that are in my new book, […]

Photos of B-24 Bombers

Miscellaneous Photos of B-24 Bombers My father took several photos of B-24 Bombers while in the South Pacific area of New Guinea during World War Two. I put 28 pictures of these B-24 bombers in Dad’s War Photos: Adventures in the South Pacific. These World War Two B-24 airplanes were classified as heavy bombers, had […]

Japanese Arisaka Type 38 rifle & bayonet

In March of 1945 during World War II, my father and his battalion were in Manila, Philippines. The Allies fought the Japanese there and killed many thousands. The Walled City, or Intramuros, was one of the places the enemy was fighting from. This is where this Japanese Arisaka Type 38 rifle and bayonet were found. […]

Photos and videos of LSTs

The Landing Ship, Tanks or LSTs are the ships that transported troops and machinery. See last week’s blog post for more information, photos and video. My father and his battalion traveled aboard these ships, being transported to the various locations in the South Pacific. They were on these LSTs when they left Oro Bay, New […]

Landing Ship Tank, or LST, Part One

Introduction to LSTs Part One One of the more fascinating and mysterious aspects of the photos my dad took were the troop and vehicle carriers, called LSTs. I always wondered how the trucks ended up parked on the top deck. It wasn’t until after I completed my book, Dad’s War Photos: Adventures in the South […]

Meeting a WW II POW

I had the honor of meeting with Mr. James J. Bollich in his home on Friday Feb. 13, 2015. He was captured by the Japanese in the Philippines in 1942, and was part of the “Bataan Death March” where multiple thousands of soldiers died. He also took lots of photos while in the Philippines, but […]

Neal Bertrand on local TV Show

Neal Bertrand’s interview on a local TV station I was invited to be a guest on a local TV show last week to talk about my book “Dad’s War Photos: Adventures in the South Pacific.” The hostess interviewed me and we talked for around 30 minutes about this book. The show will air locally in a […]

Trench Art — An Amazing WWII Memorabilia Find!

After I finished writing Dad’s War Photos, my sister, Karen, happened to find some WWII documents and artifacts our father brought home from the South Pacific. They had been placed in the bottom drawer of a filing cabinet and forgotten about. There was a handmade toy airplane made out of a long rifle bullet casing. […]